Sunday, November 13, 2016

Gate to the Path Ahead

Dear friends,
        For more than half of the voting public of these United States, it has been a rough week. My FB page is filled with disbelief, tears, rage, and horror expressed from across the nation— folks who are somewhere between uncomfortable or outright afraid. 
        I’ve read too much already.  Said too much already about this election.  I went from a sleepless Tuesday, to a tearful Wednesday, to an angry Thursday and a numb Friday.  By Saturday I felt like those drivers who slow down to see the crash…I just couldn’t stop watching, listening.  I woke up for the 5th night in a row at 2:00 a.m. staring at the ceiling, my mind racing.  And I thought to myself, "think of something beautiful.  Picture something beautiful." 
        So this is sad, but for the longest time I couldn’t.  I couldn’t pull up an image in my mind of one sunrise or sunset.  I couldn’t find image of (one of all the photo’s I’ve taken) trees, or paths or birds.  As I laid there I could name those things that were beautiful to me, but couldn’t make the neuropathways work to give me an image.  By now it was no longer sad, but scary.
        Only slowly a gate came to mind [we can do the Freudian interpretation some other time.]  A particular gate that I took a photograph of in 2011 at Holy Cross Monastery in Rostrevor, Northern Ireland.  Those who know me well, will already know that Holy Cross is a Benedictine Monastery founded for the express purpose of reconciliation.  Somewhere deep inside, my subconscious chose this image in which I could seek refuge in which there was beauty.
        So while I went through some pretty average stages of grief this week… from anger to lamenting to anger and back again…I knew it could not continue.  My spirit, as Spirit is wont to do said “enough is enough--move on--more specifically, move through the gate."
        My righteous anger will still lead me in things to do to combat the barbarianisms of the president elect we saw and heard over the past 18 months.  I shall still work to do justice (for all), love mercy (for all) and walk humbly with my God hand in hand with indigenous people, migrant workers, the LBGTQ community, Muslims, sisters and anyone else marginalized.
        But it’s time for me to walk through the gate; leaving all that is past behind and reaching toward the goal.  What that means is that I will take control of myself and react in another way when the tears flow and the rage erupts. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I will look for something beautiful, something pleasing, something kind and generous to offer instead of more anger and hate.
        It’s time for me to walk through the gate; to at least (hopefully) demonstrate that it's possible.  No one said easy, but possible.  I’ll walk through the gate given to me twice now at low moments in my life—and allow it to remind me that this is a new this is…now this is… and I have a choice in how to approach each new moment. Okay, I’m not perfect.  It’s likely some idiot will post something bogus on FB and I’ll be compelled to reply. I want to apologize in advance.
       Yet it is time for me to walk through the gate.  And I invite you to find your own image or metaphor and to hold onto it too.  I'll begin on the road to reconciliation by posting one beautiful thing each day on the FB page of Peace River Spirituality Center and Sanctuary House of Sarasota. That way, something other than disgust will sprinkle through folks newsfeeds and minds. Offering beauty is a start to a new ending.
        If you are not ready to move towards your deep, unflappable center right now, I get it.  If you need to be angry and outraged a little longer, I understand.  If sadness still has you tightly bound, I’m so sorry for your pain.  We all have our own unique rhythm. 
       But here and now I go through this gate of my memory, that called to me in the darkness.  Here I go through this gate of my memory, that beckoned me to its silent beauty.  Here I go through this gate of my memory, that reminded me reconciliation is possible… and invited me to accept it so that I might turn back and extend a hand from the unfolding place of my own healing.
        Thanks for listening to my story.  It would be my privilege to hear yours.
                                       In the peace of the Lamb,
                                       Kathleen Bronagh Weller
                                         THE CELTIC MONK

Monday, November 7, 2016



So as I sit down to write, I’m a little bleary eyed from staying up to watch the final two games of the World Series where my long-suffering Cubbies finally brought it home.

        But as the photos and comments continue to fill social media, it occurs to me that there are lessons in this historic win for all of us--lessons we may sense but have not put into words.  So I have a quartet of options—you likely could add a few of your own. 

·         The plan was new. 

·         The key players are young. 

·         The leaders prepared.

·         The playing field, hostile.

PLAN.  If you were listening, you heard over and over again that Theo Epstein was trying something new.  Building from nothing (indeed 108 years without a championship is pretty much that). He did not look backwards to a glorious past…to old ways, old rules, old outcomes. He was writing a new chapter looking forward and creating a never-seen-before path and future.

PLAYERS. I know—I don’t like it either. I want to feel useful. I am useful.  But I’m no longer a key player, but in a supporting role. My job is to get out of the way enough for the growing talented to hope and shine. I’m not the first baseman, or pitcher or even catcher anymore…I’m a line coach. It’s important to always do an honest and perhaps searing inventory of who we are in the current situation at the current moment, and take a realistic part.

PREPARED LEADERSHIP.  During a post game interview a journalist asked Joe Maddon... “How do you get ready?”  Without a moments hesitation Maddon replied:  “…honestly the other thing is meditation. I love to meditate in the morning. I'm a big believer in meditation. Whether you want to call it prayer or meditation, whatever you want to call it, that to me is very, very helpful to just really get my mind right for the course of the day. So that when you do come to the moments, and you have to make a decision you feel convicted in that decision, and that is based on what you do prior to, during, and then after.”  Great leaders work from a clear, still center and not from the voices, advice, or pressures around them. 

PLAYING FIELD.  It would have been insanely awesome for the Cubs to have won the World Series at Wrigley Field.  Indeed the thousands that gathered there, hundreds of miles away from the actual game, was impressive.  But the final runs that put the Cubs ahead and the final out that sealed the victory was won at Progressive Field in Cleveland.  The game was won in a place where most voices were against them, on the very ground of their opponent.

 I find these lessons compelling in my own life.

 I could go on (and maybe I will at some time) about the players love of the game and one another.  I could go on about their goodness—which is a new dimension in a ‘high-ego” profession. Or how they kept saying they were doing this for those who went before… for people and for a place that was not their own.  I could say more, except it makes emotions roll down my cheeks.

  So this is just a reminder of the godly and goodly things I saw in a young bunch of guys known as the 2016 World Champion Cubs.  And hoping that others might take a look and learn from them too.

In peace and much, much joy,

Kathleen Bronagh Weller



Friday, July 8, 2016

Any religion, philosophy or world-view that does not
begin with an understanding of all creation existing in God
and God in all creation, is part of the problem.

"Let us love one another, for love is from God" Scripture tells us.
Let us live so.
Peace upon you and your house.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Learning Atonement Anew...


                                                 AT ONE MENT

     Just after breakfast a Mourning Dove perched on my window
ledge three stories above her earthly comfort zone.

    Upon seeing her there almost instantly ‘atonement’ came to mind.
Not the bloody kind theologians and scholars have steadily tried

to convince us of over the centuries…

    Instead, the at-one-ment of sensing her not afraid of me,

now only a foot away with a camera in hand that whirrs and buzzes. 

Nor me afraid of her, flapping and fluttering on my ten-inch wide

window ledge calling to her children or her mate in the familiar

“hoo – hoo - hoo.” Rather, we’re here together face to face without fear.

    She and I are one it seems; her purpose and mine the same.

Both of us learning to be and to become who God made us to be

before we were assigned a genus and species... like Zenaida macroura
or homo sapiens. And before we had names like Mourning Dove and
Kathleen, here now discovering our oneness with the Divine Being
from whom we came; and with each other.

    This is the Truth of atonement which Christ embodied, enabled and revealed; and which I’ve learned afresh in this sacred space of Gethsemani where
it seems all God’s creatures experience atonement.

Life wholly in Spiritus Sanctus.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Chapel at St. John's Abbey

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing some of the poetry I wrote while away this month along with some of the photo's I took.  Hoping you will be blessed by it.    ~  KLW

Reflected beauty
        Clouds gliding effortlessly across mirrored sky-scrapers.
       Sherbet, rose and pale lavender skies Long after the sun has set on Siesta Key.
       The silhouette of your beloved on the steamy glass shower door.
      Sun-drops on the wind blown ripples of my favorite pond that look like a million points of light.
      All of these are reflected beauty.
      To which I could add the depth in the eyes of my grand-daughter in which I can see her ancestors three generations past, including me.
       Or simply the essence in each and every being…
       for isn’t all beauty reflected beauty really? Profound mirroring of the creator in every molecule of creation.
       It’s only the terminally proud who think they did it.
       It’s only the truly humble who see the Author in it all.

Be Blessed and be at peace my friends,
Kathleen Bronagh Weller~ The Celtic Monk

Thursday, February 18, 2016


No matter where I live, I am a Chicagoan. It's sights and sounds (and sound-bytes) are in my head.

This week I listened to Chris Fabry Live, a radio call-in program that addressed the topic of Lent: who practiced, who didn't, why some did, why others did not.  Callers lined up with their very nice sounding rationalizations for what they had already decided was true. I find most people who call in to talk shows don't do it to listen or learn, but to share their already made up minds ;-) It was an amusing use of my 'car time'.

But it seems that the conversation has stuck with me.  So while putting my k-cup in my coffee machine this morning a metaphor came to mind regarding what I heard and it was simply this: "for the love of the game." For the love of the game, that's why we observe the season of Lent.  It's all about Love... and the game (sorry if it seems irreverent) is our relationship with/to God.  We keep Lent, we observe it, we do it, we practice it... for the love of the game.

"For the Love of the Game" is the shorthand for a clause Michael Jordan had written into his contract with the Chicago Bulls.  It seemed that pro contracts did not allow you to play/practice your sport outside of their purview.  Heaven forbid you should get hurt and no longer be a cash cow for your franchise! So he went to Jerry Krause, the Bulls General Manager and they worked out the "Love of the Game Clause"  which allowed Michael Jordan to play pick-up ball, or play anytime and any place he wanted.  Jordan believed that this extra curricular playing was one of the ways he had always used to sort out stuff in his life and clear his head.

So waiting for my coffee to brew this morning the radio call-in program on Lent and Michael Jordan's "Love of the Game Clause" collided.  That's it! I thought.  Our observance of Lent is like Jordan's love of the game clause.  Lent is an invitation offered to those on the path of God's love to sort ourselves out and clear our heads.  It's a pick-up game in reflection, in prayers, in spiritual disciplines. It's something added to our regular season just because we can and because it brings joy and growth and maybe even the good kind of tired at the end of a long day.

No one makes you play extra.  There is no coercion.  There is just the opportunity, like seeing a bunch of guys under the hoop at the park and walking over to join in.  There's just that something that wells up inside for more and encourages you to make a plan, or a promise and then work it out over these 40 days.  Just because. No glory. No cheering crowds. No extra jewels in your crown. Just for the love of the game...

Over the years, whether during Lent or not, when I've committed to a spiritual practice of one kind or another... it has always been for the love of the game and I've never been disappointed. And it seems to me now that the One I meet on the court under the lights is not Michael Jordan (although that would be very cool) but is instead the Creator and Author of all that is, was and is to come. 

No one ever had to compel Michael Jordan to play basketball.  And my two-cents is we ought not need to be compelled to commit to the season of Lent.  If you are in this thing we call our life of faith "for the love of the game" I'd really like to hear what you have decided to do to keep these 40 days.  Please do drop me an email:   It would be a privilege to pray for you while you're out there on the court!

In peace and joy,

Kathleen Bronagh Weller  THECELTICMONK

Saturday, February 13, 2016


     It woke me this morning out of a sound sleep.We've been in the season of Lent for three days and I've still not decided how to observe these 40 days. Yes, I've made myself some promises of rearranging some things in my day to make more sense.  Things I probably have been putting off for too long.  But what might I do... proactively?

Over the years I've had my share of "giving up"  chocolate, movies, soda, ice cream [for me a real hardship] facebook, whole day fasts once a week, and for several years fasting all of Holy Week. This last one ruins Easter dinner, because that is no way to come off of a fast.

I'm already meditating in the morning before checking email WOW!  I'm already reading the Lenten devotionals from Laurence Freeman and James Martin.  But how to reach out.. how to touch?

So this is what really woke me at 3:53 a.m.  I feel led to pray for my "friends" on facebook.

It will come as no surprise that its not something in my routine.  I'm actually going to be surprised to find who is there when I go through the list!  But each day I'm going to pray my way through. No not just a "God bless Pattty and Timmy..." but really pray for each of them. 

Lying in bed I thought that would be about 100 folks and I still have 37 days left. No biggy. Imagine my surprise to find the list has inched up to 178 over the years.  Hmmm... 178 divided by 37...  4.81081081 people to pray for each day.

And when I pray, I'm going to their page and leave a note letting them know they were prayed for.

But why this... and why now?   Another thing that occurred to me at 3:53 a.m. is that my newsfeed is beginning to fill up with more and more 2nd hand information.  It is filled with posts folks are passing on because they love or hate something.  It's filled with quick tips and ads and pretty pictures.  All of which I really LIKE.  But fewer and farther between, does someone just write what is on their mind or heart.  I miss those posts. (Sigh)

So I'm going to pray and post my way through Lent on the facebook pages of my 178 friends.  I'm going to leave behind the traces of a real breathing person instead of a re-post of a re-post of a re-post. 

I have no delusions of grandeur.  Likely I'll find those people who have unfriended me.  I'll pray for them anyway.  But in a world for which it seems isolation is a chosen state as much as a by-product of society, I'm going to offer the closest thing facebook has to human touch--a real post--with a little spiritual power thrown in by the grace and mercy of God.

If you are one of my 178, watch for your post/prayer on your page in these next seven weeks.  If you are not one of my 178 and would like a prayer, all you have to do is ask.  I'm off to begin.  Keep me in your prayers!

In peace and in great joy,

Kathleen Bronagh Weller  THECELTICMONK

Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Opportunity to Consider Your Life: Past, Present, Future

        During my middler year in seminary, a classmate invited me to a workshop she'd decided to attend at Loyola University.  It was both a time and financial commitment for an unemployed student...but what I read about it was intriguing enough to go along.  Now, twenty-five years later, I have the opportunity to offer a similar invitation.  I'm going to "At a Journal Workshop"... do you want to come too?

       A couple of questions you might be asking yourself right now.  Do I really need a workshop to teach me how to journal?  I don't even want to journal!  Why would I spend the time?  What is it I can hope to gain?  Is it really worth it?  Is this really something I should consider doing?  These are just a few, you can add your own.

       But, my invitation--based on my own experience--is sincere.  Over the past twenty-five years I've gone back to what I learned about my own life at my first workshop, again and again.  I've used Dr. Progoff's system of asking deep questions to help me in discerning my life, events and opportunities.  I've taught some of his most helpful techniques in retreats and to others who have sought my input in their own decision-making. I've helped folks write Steppingstones--those touchstones of our life and experience that are formative; but may be invisible to us. And as it was for me, it's helped people to really listen to their life with sincerity and often to find something new that they'd not considered.

       Ira Progoff, PhD. was a student of Carl Jung and himself a successful therapist. This method of journaling he pioneered, is structured to help us get at those things in the inner core of our being and to gain fuller perspective about ourselves.  It also guides us towards taking action in our life that we may have not yet seen or considered.  

      What I have found is that beyond being a tool of self-motivation or actualization, these few steps are a path of creativity, of healing and is deeply spiritual work.  It invites us into ourselves... and into the place of Spirit within...where God whispers at a level for which we might not often take the time to listen, hear or understand.

       Though the workshop is done in a group, your work is solitary.  There is no sharing what you write or think.  But together, we do our own wondering and remembering and are invited to write it down and explore it gently with ourselves.  I still recall my time at Loyola University in Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan in 1991.  It became for me one of those markers in life, where from that place forward I would be changed.

        Peace River Spirituality Center @ Pine Shores Presbyterian Church is hosting a "At a Journal Workshop" event April 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th. You can register for Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th, alone -- or for all four days.  A block of rooms is being reserved at the Holiday Inn in Sarasota and a shuttle will be provided to and from the hotel to Pine Shores.  If you require Continuing Education credits, 12 CEU Credits are available. You can read more about the workshop, Dr. Progoff and Dialogue House at:

        So again my invitation.  Join me!  I am so excited to be a part of bringing the Journal Workshop to Sarasota. I look forward to the work we'll be doing together.  I'd love to answer any questions you may still have.  Email me:   I also have a brochure that I can drop in snail mail to you or send as an attachment.

Blessings and Peace to you,

Kathleen Bronagh Weller